Upright Maples


Densely branched upright growing and a medium sized shrubby tree form . Leaves are smallish and a pleasing bright grey-green with a distinct but not glaring , creamy-white edged variegation . With maturity this variety becomes more vase shaped in outline . A very hardy selection that will perform well in full sun positioning .

The leaf variegation on this selection particularly in new growth is its outstanding feature . The base leaf colour is a bluish-green that is margined with a white colouring that is then overlaid with a brilliant orange-pink colour . It is a slow growing upright small tree that can be lightly pruned to improve its density if desired .

A very different selection because of its several leaf colouring changes throughout the seasons . Spring and summer growth flushes are rosy-red that deepen to purple as the foliage matures , then in mid summer the colour changes to a grey-green followed by yellow in autumn . Leaves are edged in gold on this hardy form . Slow to moderate growth rate and will possibly reach about 3 to 4 metres .

Medium sized very dense and bushy upright growing spectacular older variety . Leaves are small and delicate looking and the base colouring is a bluish-green heavily and evenly margined in creamy-white as the leaves mature from the initial pink margining . Autumn turns the white edging maroon-red . Like all variegated plants any foliage reversions should be removed .

Stunningly variegated form that needs care as it grows to maintain this variegation . Mid sized leaves are a deep purple colour and much of the foliage is marked with bright crimson areas . Grown well and pruning back non variegated areas it soon becomes a very eye catching plant . About 3 metres high and bushy .

An older selection with a brilliant display of variegated foliage in spring that continues on until leaf drop in autumn . Leaves are small and coloured pink , green , creamy-yellow and red autumn sees it yellow and red. Green shoots in summer become variegated the next year . Can grow to 6 plus metres high .

Grown well this cultivar is far more spectacular than most flowering plants . Smallish leaves are a combination of pink , green and white colours with the bright pink dominating particularly on new growth . About 4 metres in height can occur in protected areas but less in sunnier spots . Rosy-red colours in autumn.

Bushy selection up to around 3 metres in height with beautifully variegated green , white and pink leaves . As the foliage matures the pink shades disappear leaving just the green and white until autumn when red and rosy-pink tones dominate . A hardy form that outdoes similar forms as a garden worthy variety .

A variety that needs protection from full sun , as although being spectacular it can damage and lose its appeal easily . New leaves are a creamy-yellow with a distinct rose red fingernail margin to them . Autumn colouring is not overly brilliant but if planted where it is happy the spring-summer colour makes up for it .

The type of variegation seen on this variety is occasionally seen on some other plant families . The new growth leaves emerge a pleasant bright green and as spring progresses yellow-gold markings appear in them in a haphazard way . Planted in filtered light is best to avoid sun burn . Autumn colours are crimson-red .

Brilliantly variegated smallish leaves are coloured pink , cream , maroon and dark green on this medium sized bushy form . Leaf colouring varies throughout the seasons ending up bright red-purple in autumn . A very hardy form that performs happily in full sun . Usually settles into planting sites easily without sulking .