Odd / Rare or Variegated Conifers page 1

A low growing prostrate to flat vase shaped selection . Long needles are a pleasant blue in colour and the plant becomes a well branched and dense grower . Like many flattish groundcover Conifers there is occasionally the chance of an upright leader occurring that needs pruning out .
CATHAYA argyrophylla

An evergreen and eventually tall elegant and bushy pyramidal tree that is very rare in cultivation . The flat needle foliage whorls around the branchlets and is green on the top and blueish-white on the undersides . The native habitat of this species is China and like the Ginkgo , Metasequoia and Wollemia is a living fossil that can be traced back millions of years . Collectors item requiring acid well drained soil to survive in .

A conical and eventually reasonably large tree with a semi weeping outline that deserves to be more widely planted . The needle colour is grey-green like the species but its uniqueness is in spring when all the new growth opens out white for several weeks . Dense , hardy and a fast growing useful specimen feature .

Another selection of the beautiful and elegant Kashmir Cypress . This form is a chance hybrid of Cupressus cashmeriana and a weeping cultivar of Cupressus glabra . The overall outline is pyramidal and weeping with flattened sprays of bright blue foliage hanging from the branches that hang down and turn up pagoda like in shape . Numerous silver resin glands are obvious .

A white variegated selection of the spectacular Kashmir Cypress . Large specimens of this variety have the same heavily weeping and cascading flattened foliage as the species but tend to be broader pyramids in outline and the bright blue foliage is liberally splashed with white markings . The new growth in spring on young plants almost turns the whole plant white . Better sited out of continual strong winds .

A newer selection produced from a sport on the green parent cultivar C.n.Pendula . This form has the same flattened and cascading sprays of dark green foliage as its parent but differs in being heavily variegated with bright golden-yellow splashes throughout . Very eye catching and appealing fast growing feature plant .

Neat narrow and dense columnar form of the Italian Cypress . The foliage is a very dark green and is liberally marked with bright golden-yellow markings throughout . For many years this selection had the habit of having the golden-yellow foliage outgrow the green resulting in a reversion back to the solid golden-yellow variety C.s. Swane’s Golden . This refined form offered seems to continually remain very stable .

A neat columnar growing plant when young that matures to a narrow pyramidal shape . Flat foliage sprays are a subtle but noticeable yellow-gold that does not sun burn . A bushy , hardy and very dense grower that makes a good , formal ornamental larger garden specimen . Drought tolerant when established .

Very intense silver-blue foliage on this very choice and rarely available , broadly conical selection . Extremely hardy , like most Junipers , and performs well in hot dryish conditions . It is not an easy variety to propagate and therefore will always be in short supply . Ideally should be planted in a full sun position for best colour .
LARIX kaempferi DIANA

A fast growing and deciduous small to medium sized very bushy tree . The branching structure spirals in all directions and is heavily twisted and contorted and a unique reddish-orange . Foliage is needle type and very soft to the touch and a pleasing apple green in colour that becomes yellow-gold in autumn before leaf drop . Performs best in cold climates and struggles in hot and humid areas .