Lace Leaf Weeping Maples


An old form from Japan . New growth shoots in spring and summer see the bright red deeply dissected leaves covered in a fine silvery pubescence for a few weeks . A very hardy , large and reliable selection that holds a good red colouration . Autumn tones are a bright scarlet . Probably at its best in afternoon shade .

Planted in a full sun position and the large dissected leaf foliage of this cultivar maintains a distinct reddish-orange colouration . A very vigorous and hardy cascading mushroom shaped specimen that always performs well and is an easy plant to grow . Autumn colouring is a bright shiny red .

When young this selection is an unruly semi upright grower with a lot of vigour , as it ages the overall form and shape of it subsides into the usual cascading mushroom of this group . Red-purple dissected leaves slowly bronze in late summer and the autumn sees a deep crimson colouring .

A very eye catching weeper that quickly cascades to the ground . This plant tends to be taller than wide and although a vigorous form is not a large grower at maturity . Foliage is bright orange-red and turns reddish-green in early summer overlaid with new orange-red summer growth. Autumn colours a fiery orange-red .

Stunning variety that is not as regularly available as many other forms of lesser quality . Spring leaves are a purplish-rose pink that darken to purple in summer and then the new summer growth flush similar to the spring colouring gives the plant a two-toned effect . Autumn colours are orange-red before leaf drop .

Deep purple-red dissected foliage and a growth rate that is not overly fast on a neat growing weeping mound has made this choice variety extremely popular . This form holds its colour well in full sun or shade . Outstanding foliage displays of flaming scarlet can be expected in autumn .

An outstanding form that has red-purple leaves that are very finely dissected compared to most of the weeping maples . Leaf colour holds well in full sun positions until the cooler autumn months when it changes to a bright crimson . Similar to an older cultivar but far more robust and with a good growth rate .

Deep maroon-red new growth becomes darker as the foliage matures on this large mushroom shaped form with an average growth rate . Like most of the purple-red group of weepers its foliage changes to an eye-catching scarlet-red . A very choice form that deserves to be more readily available .