DWARF VARIETIES The following list of dwarf growing selections are all suitable for , container growing , rockery use and most can be trained as Bonsai . Sizes quoted are at best a guesstimate as individual gardeners have different soil types , climatic zones and watering regimes . The initial age of any purchased plants also governs the quoted 5 year sizes given . Full sun positions , unless suggested otherwise , are best along with well draining soils and are the preferred options as with most plant families .

SMALL / MEDIUM VARIETIES The list of varieties under this heading are selections that under average garden conditions have ultimate sizes somewhere between 1 to 3 metres high or thereabouts . Some may eventually become a bit larger and some may not even in a fair time span achieve the minimum quoted size . All of these varieties are suitable for mid sized rockeries and several make useful Bonsai plants.

MEDIUM / LARGE VARIETIES The cultivars listed in this group are all capable of reaching 5 metres plus , given average garden conditions . All these forms are superb garden , or singular lawn specimens . Most prefer good draining soils and can handle some dryness once established . The three deciduous selections of , Glyptostrobus , Metasequoia and Taxodium thrive in wetter spots.

WEEPING VARIETIES The following selections of larger weeping / cascading Conifers are some of the most spectacular forms currently available . All make stunning lawn or garden specimens and to make the most of them it is better to give a clear space around them to allow for complete unhindered development . Most will benefit from staking as young plantings to help develop a strong central leader growth . Like the overall bulk of Conifers , free draining moist soils are preferred , if possible , along with full sun positioning.

ODD / RARE OR VARIEGATED VARIETIES This group of Conifer cultivars all have some oddness about them . All make great plants in a garden landscape and have been selected for their uniqueness and usefulness for those who want something noticeable and away from the norm . Once more free draining soils capable of holding a reasonable moisture level and unless otherwise noted siting in full sun positions are again the preferred options.

TEN EXTRA CYPRESS These selections were added as all are exceptional plants worthy of planting in garden settings . The biggest problem they have is the fact of their overall size compared to the available garden space in most new housing estate house blocks . If specimens such as these are not made available by some nurseries such as ours they will be lost to owners of larger land areas due to the fact most plants offered by the bulk of nurseries , naturally , will be smaller growing and marketed to smaller garden spaces .